Over a Cup of Coffee

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The Property Solutions Manager journey began in the spring of 2006 with a gentleman named Gregg O. During a long-term business stay at our Hampton Inn Tuscaloosa location, Gregg first introduced the concept of a streamlined property maintenance system. He proposed that a simple, web-based program could significantly improve the efficiency of our property’s maintenance. Content with our current program and wary of software, we politely declined Gregg’s offer.

Gregg was persistent! He developed a sincere friendship with our management team and continued to insist on integrating a maintenance tool into our property management. After months of persuasion, we decided to entertain his ideas. Gregg contended that through M-PET, a Maintenance Productivity Enhancement Tool, our properties could optimize maintenance efficiency and, in turn, raise our quality assurance efforts. He explained that a single program could automate our maintenance planning while auditing the historical data of our assets, including our rooms, air conditioners, laundry facilities, fire alarms, and all other equipment. Although we remained slightly hesitant, we decided to jump in, head first! Within hours, Gregg completed a comprehensive archive of our buildings’ equipment and assets.

Shortly afterward, the M-PET system was integrated into our front desk systems, allowing our agents to input corrective work orders received in person or by phone. Our team no longer had to worry about losing and keeping up with paperwork orders! Not only were orders tracked and locked in one system, but they were also attached to the histories of the pertaining equipment. In time, we realized that many of our corrective work orders remained consistent throughout our properties. Gregg assisted us in developing preventative maintenance work orders that were personalized to our equipment needs and the trends of our corrective work orders.

Today, we have over 60 preventative maintenance routes that are scheduled based on necessity: whether daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. There has been a noticeable decrease in corrective maintenance as our preventative maintenance efforts increase. Before this program, we had never realized the possibilities of automation and accountability that our property could achieve. We have seen a strong increase in our quality standings with Hilton, our franchisor, as well as immense savings in repair and replacement costs. In fact, we believe that through preventative maintenance we have actually extended the life cycles of our equipment past manufacturer recommendations. When Gregg first proposed this system, he was offering us a solution that we did not know we needed. We want to thank Gregg, our loyal guest, for introducing us to M-PET, now named Property Solutions Manager, and making our properties’ excellence a reality!