PSM and the Hampton Inn University

The Hampton Inn University opened in March of 1995. It was the first “new” hotel to open in the Tuscaloosa market since the Sheraton on campus opened in the early 1980’s. The property is locally owned and operated and has been from the beginning. The property, over the course of the first five years of its opening, won several awards from Promus Hotels (franchisor), including being a top four property in the late 1990’s. Over the course of the second five years of its life the property consistently received Outstanding Quality Assurance evaluations. The property had a run of 13 consecutive...

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Over a Cup of Coffee

The Property Solutions Manager journey began in the spring of 2006 with a gentleman named Gregg O. During a long-term business stay at our Hampton Inn Tuscaloosa location, Gregg first introduced the concept of a streamlined property maintenance system. He proposed that a simple, web-based program could significantly improve the efficiency of our property’s maintenance. Content with our current program and wary of software, we politely declined Gregg’s offer. Gregg was persistent! He developed a sincere friendship with our management team and continued to insist on integrating a maintenance...

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